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MP3 And Music that is 140 BPM

2 Chainz Featuring Kanye WestBirthday Song [Clean Version]5:041402012Urban
2 UnlimitedHere I Go3:181391996Dance 1990s
2 UnlimitedThe Real Thing3:59139.51993Dance 1990s
2 UnlimitedNo Limit3:411411992Dance 1990s
24-KDon't Go There3:251391995Rap
2nd NatureCrazy World3:36139.91994Dance 1990s
30 Seconds to MarsCloser To The Edge4:111402010Rock
4 ClubbersChildren [Club Mix]9:001392002Dance 2000s
4 ClubbersChildren3:301402002Dance 2000s
4 StringsTurn It Around [Extended Mix]7:231392004Dance 2000s
4 StringsTurn It Around [Radio Edit]3:081392004Dance 2000s
4 StringsDiving3:281402003Dance 2000s
4 StringsDiving [Hiver & Hammer's Different Gear Mix]9:211402002Dance 2000s
4 StringsCurious [Sam G Extended Mix]5:341412007Dance 2000s
50 Cent Featuring Justin TimberlakeAyo Technology4:08140.12007Urban
A vs. BRipped in Two Minutes [Paul Maddox Edit]4:191392004Dance 2000s
a-haTrain of Thought4:14139.51985Dance 1980s
A-Town PlayersPlayer Can't You See6:07140.11998Dance 1990s
A-Town Players Featuring DJ TazThe Bump4:571391998Dance 1990s
ABBAHoney, Honey2:53140.11974Dance 1970s
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Live]5:02140.81992Rock 1980s
Ace HoodHustle Hard3:151402011Urban
Adam GregoryGet It On3:481402006Country
AerosmithAmazing5:56139.31994Rock 1980s
Afrika BambaataaFeel the Vibe3:30139.81990Dance 1990s
Afrika BambaataaFeel the Vibe4:25139.81995Dance 1990s
Air SupplyMaking Love Out of Nothing at All5:43140.31983Slow
AirheadzStanley (Here I Am)3:301402001Dance 2000s
AirscapeL'Esperanza7:201401999Dance 1990s
AlabamaThe Cheap Seats3:54140.61994Country
Alan JacksonCountry Boy4:021392008Country
Alex FakeyPainted Black [Bootleg Mix]6:281402005Dance 2000s
Alex GoldForeign Shore [Original Extended]3:12139.82003Dance 2000s
AliasStanding in the Darkness4:29140.61990Rock 1980s
Alice DeejayBack in My Life3:271392001Dance 2000s
Allure Featuring 112All Cried Out4:35139.81997Slow Dance
Allure Featuring 112All Cried Out4:36139.81997TBD
AlunaAll of My Life [Van Check & Fierce Extended]6:341402004Dance 2000s
AlunaKnowing Its You [Radio]3:171402006Dance 2000s
Amanda Seyfried & Ashley Lilley & Rachel McDowallHoney, Honey3:071402008Disco
Amanda WilkinsonIt's OK to Cry3:46139.92006Country
AmethystFutura7:561401999Dance 1990s
Amii StewartKnock on Wood3:481391985Rock 1980s
Anneke Van HooffYou Lie to Me [Extended Mix]5:321392005Dance 2000s
Anthony GittoTurn Back [DRC Project Club Cut]5:181402004Dance 2000s
Anu MalakBindaas (Krishna Cottage)6:011402005Special
Apollo 440Charlie's Angels 20003:571402000Dance 2000s
AquaLollipop (Candyman)3:331391997Fast Dance
AquaThe Official Mega Mix11:13139.61998TBD
AquaRoses Are Red3:311401997Fast Dance
AquagenYou Are So Quiet!4:341392001Dance 2000s
ArrakisMedusa8:381401998Dance 1990s
ASAP Rocky Featuring Skrillex & Birdy Nam NamWild For The Night [Clean Edit]3:291402013Urban
Ashley JadeI'll Wait3:391402007Dance 2000s
Ashley JadeTake Me Away3:421402007Dance 2000s
Ashley JadeI'm Dreamin'4:511412007Dance 2000s
Ashley JadeReach for Me4:171412007Dance 2000s
AshtraxDigital Reason [Filterheadz Remix]2:59139.82003Dance 2000s
Atlas GeniusTrojans3:341402013Rock
Attila Fias & Robert PiltchWinter Wonderland [Jazz Version]3:05139.82005XMAS
AuroraReal Life [Sassot & David Con G Remix]8:181402006Dance 2000s
AylaAyla7:30139.81999Dance 1990s
AylaAyla [DJ Tandu Remix]6:231401999TBD
B.B.E.Flash [Uk Mix]5:16139.91997Fast Dance
B.G. The Prince of RapCan't Love You5:17139.31995Dance 1990s
B.o.B Featuring T.I.We Still In This B**ch [Radio Edit]4:061402013Urban
BaauerHarlem Shake3:161402013Dance 2000s
BaauerHarlem Shake3:161402013CHR
Backstreet BoysInconsolable [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]4:121402007Dance 2000s
Balearic BillDestination Sunshine7:101401999Dance 1990s
BananaramaTake Me to Your Heart3:511401996Dance 1990s
BananaramaTake Me to Your Heart3:481401996Fast Dance
Barbra Streisand & Bryan AdamsI Finally Found Someone3:39139.21996Slow Dance
Barenaked LadiesThe Flag3:53139.21992Rock 1990s
Barry White & Love Unlimited OrchestraMidnight And You5:09140.41992Easy
Bay City RollersSaturday Night2:54139.31975Rock 1970s
Beastie BoysGirls2:13139.71986R&B 1980s
Beastie BoysShe's on It4:17140.71999R&B 1980s
Before FourEveryday4:05139.92005TBD
BelushiPut Your Hands Up in the Air [Club Mix]7:191402004Dance 2000s
BerlinSex5:08139.21982Rock 1980s
BerlinWill I Ever Understand You4:42139.41986Rock 1980s
Bernard HerrmannPsycho2:56140.82000Special
Big WreckThat Song5:01139.41998Rock 1990s
Billie PiperHoney to the Bee3:42139.91999TBD
Billy JoelUptown Girl [Live]3:08140.81987Rock 1980s
Birdman Featuring Rick RossBorn Stunna [Clean]5:061402012Urban
Blank & JonesThe Nightfly [Original Mix]4:34139.52001Dance 2000s
Blessid Union of SoulsI Wanna Be There4:12140.81997Fast Rock
Blue OctoberDirt Room3:211402009Rock
Blue PeterDon't Walk Past [Riprock N' Booty Mix]4:02139.81998Dance 1990s
Bob DylanKnockin' on Heaven's Door2:30139.31973Slow
Bob SegerMainstreet3:42139.81994Rock 1990s
Bobby PickettMonster Mash3:11139.61962Special
Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My Baby2:40140.51961Rock 1960s
Boombox SaintsShe Got4:081392010Dance 2010s
Bow Wow Featuring Soulja BoyMarco Polo3:211402008Urban
Bowling for SoupAlmost3:251402005Rock
Brad Paisley & Carrie UnderwoodRemind Me4:32140.72011Country
Brad Paisley Featuring Redd VolkaertSpaghetti Western Swing [Instrumental]4:32140.92003Country
Brandy Featuring Chris BrownPut It Down [Clean Edit]4:051412012Urban
Brighton RockChange of Heart3:46139.11986Rock 1980s
Britney SpearsWomanizer3:421392008CHR
Brooklyn BounceCrazy [Club Mix]7:131412004Dance 2000s
Bruce SpringsteenRadio Nowhere3:17140.32007Rock
Bryan AdamsSummer of '693:361391984Rock 1980s
Bryan AdamsHeaven4:03139.71984Rock 1980s
Bryan AdamsHeaven4:04139.81983Slow
Bryan Adams & Barbra StreisandI Finally Found Someone3:391391996TBD
Burl IvesHolly Jolly Christmas2:13139.51964XMAS
Burl IvesA Holly Jolly Christmas2:15139.81972XMAS
Cal TjaderSoul Sauce (Guachi Guaro) [Fila Brazillia Remix]4:171412003Jazz
Carter BurwellMighty Good Road4:021391999Easy
Carter BurwellCongratulations0:27139.71999Easy
CartoucheMiracles4:55139.81995Fast Dance
CartoucheMiracles5:03139.81996Dance 1990s
CascadaMiracle [Radio Mix]3:381402006Dance 2000s
CascadaTruly, Madly, Deeply [UK Radio Edit]2:551402007Dance 2000s
Cat StevensAnother Saturday Night2:26139.91974Rock 1970s
Cat StevensAnother Saturday Night2:281401974Rock 1970s
CB MiltonA Real Love4:061401996Dance 1990s
Celine DionThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)4:14139.41998XMAS
Celine DionPower of Love5:421401993Slow
Chad BrownleeChristmas +& (Baby Please Come Home)2:36139.82011Country
ChicagoThe Only One4:37139.41997AC
Chicane Featuring Bryan AdamsDon't Give Up9:451402000Dance 2000s
Chris BrownSweet Love3:171402012Urban
Chris Brown Featuring T-PainKiss Kiss4:101402007Urban
Chris IsaakPlease3:30139.41998TBD
Christina AguileraThe Voice Within [Radio Edit]4:241402003TBD
Chus L. EstebanCome Into the House5:201401996Dance 1990s
Clap Your Hands Say YeahOver And Over Again (Lost And Found)3:09139.42005Rock 2000s
Claudja BarryBoogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes3:54139.61979Disco
Clint BlackOne Emotion2:421401995Slow Country
Cobra StarshipSnakes on a Plane (Bring It)3:191392006TBD
ColdcutAtomic Moog 20004:57139.11996Easy
Coral EganSatiated3:431402009Jazz
Corinne Bailey RaeCloser3:32140.62010Urban
Corky & The Juice PigsBasketball0:27139.21993Rock 1990s
Corky & The Juice PigsGameshow 10:54140.51993Rock 1990s
Counting CrowsA Long December4:51140.51996TBD
Craig MorganThat's What I Love About Sunday3:16139.52005Country
CreedDon't Stop Dancing4:25139.62003TBD
Crucial ConflictHay4:15140.51996Rap
CrushLuv'd Up4:20139.51997Fast Dance
CRWI Feel Love7:09139.81999Dance 1990s
CRWI Feel Love7:091402000Dance 2000s
Crystal ShawandaWhat Do I Have To Do3:311402008Country
Crystal ShawandaYou Can Let Go3:331402008Country
Cuban SlutsBossa Nova Baby [Full Length Version]6:59140.12002Dance 2000s
Culture BeatCrying in the Rain4:35139.81996TBD
Culture BeatCrying in the Rain4:34139.91996Fast Dance
Culture BeatMr. Vain Recall [CJ Stone Mix]7:221402003Dance 2000s
D.H.T. Featuring Edmee DaenenSomeone [Radio Edit]3:12139.82005CHR
D.H.T. Featuring Edmee DaenenSomeone [Furious EZ Radio Edit]3:411402005Dance 2000s
Daft PunkSuperheroes3:57140.92001Dance 2000s
Daniel PowterBad Day3:521402005CHR
Dannii MinogueI Begin to Wonder [DJ Bardot Remix]7:48139.82003Dance 2000s
Dario GVoices8:121402000Dance 2000s
Dave Grusin & Andrew Bergman & Marilyn BergmanGood Times0:47140.41980TV Theme
Dave Matthews BandFool to Think4:14140.12001Rock 2000s
Dave Matthews BandSleep to Dream Her4:25140.12001Rock 2000s
David ArchuletaCrush [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]4:071402008Dance 2000s
David WilcoxState of Grace3:33139.71993Rock 1980s
DealMaybe One Day5:16139.12002Dance 2000s
Debbie LoebFaraway [Valentin Radio Edit]3:331402006Dance 2000s
Decoy & RoyInner Life [Original Extended]3:02139.62003Dance 2000s
Dee DeeForever3:26139.62003Dance 2000s
Def LeppardOnly After Dark3:52139.31993Rock 1980s
Def LeppardRide Into the Sun3:11140.11993Rock 1980s
Depeche ModeA Question of Time4:00140.31998Rock 1980s
DerbDerb [Derbus]7:501402002Dance 2000s
DerbIn Africa [Survivor's Mix]9:27140.12002Dance 2000s
Designer Drugs & Alvin RiskEmpty Hearted4:291402013Dance 2000s
Diana RossTheme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)3:23140.41976TBD
Dimitri From ParisInfinity5:171402001Easy
Divine InspirationThe Way [Svenson + Gielen Remix]4:07139.72003Dance 2000s
Divine InspirationSomeday [Kontakt Remix]6:481402004Dance 2000s
DJ BoozyWoozyParty Affair4:43140.82003Dance 2000s
DJ Encore Featuring EngelinaI See Right Through to You [Extended Mix]5:211402002Dance 2000s
DJ Encore Featuring EngelinaI See Right Through to You3:451402002TBD
DJ GiusDe-Generation3:561402001Dance 2000s
DJ Khaled & Rick Ross & Lil Wayne & Plies & T-PainWelcome To My Hood4:091402011Urban
DJ Magic MikeWork It Out4:361401998Dance 1990s
DJ Misjah & DJ TimAccess7:06140.91996Dance 1990s
DJ NotoriousAa Dekhe Zaara (Rocky)4:221392005Special
DJ SammyCalifornia Dreamin'4:141392003Dance 2000s
DJ SammyRise Again [Viframa Remix]8:031402005Dance 2000s
DJ SammySunlight [Original Mix]5:191402004Dance 2000s
DJ Sammy & Yanou Featuring DoHeaven3:32139.42003Dance 2000s
DJ Tatana Featuring JaelAlways on My Mind [DJ Tatana Sirup Mix]7:171402004Dance 2000s
DJ TiestoAdagio for Strings [Radio Edit]3:241402005Dance
DJ TiestoAdagio for Strings [Radio Edit]3:241402005Dance 2000s
DJ TiestoHe's a Pirate [Tiesto Radio Edit]4:081402006TBD
DJ TiestoSuburban Train [Whippenburg Vocal Mix]6:571402002Dance 2000s
DJ Tiesto Featuring BTBreak My Fall [Airbase Remix]8:191392007Dance 2000s
DJ Tiesto Featuring BTLove Comes Around [Mark Norman Remix]7:201402004Dance 2000s
DJs @ WorkSomeday... [Vocal Extended]6:271402002Dance 2000s
Don McLeanAmerican Pie8:34139.51971Rock 1970s
DoopRidin'3:34139.61996Fast Dance
Double VisionKnockin'3:271401996Dance 1990s
Double VisionKnockin'3:251401996Fast Dance
Double VisionKnockin'3:201401996Dance 1990s
Doug StoneBorn in the Dark2:211411995Country
DrakeHYFR (Hell Ya F**kin' Right)3:19139.72012Urban
DRC ProjectEternal Flame [Rum & Coke Radio Remix]3:541402004Dance 2000s
Drew's FamousWhite Christmas [Disco Mix]4:08140.61997XMAS
DriftwoodFreeloader [Lasgo Remix]6:261402003Dance 2000s
Driicky GrahamSnapbacks & Tattoos3:281402012Urban
DrunkenmunkyCalabria [Euro Mix]5:421402005Dance 2000s
Duran DuranOrdinary World5:39140.11991Slow
Duran DuranRio5:36140.61989Rock 1980s
Duran DuranRio5:33140.61982Dance 1980s
Duran DuranRio5:30140.61983Dance 1980s
DyceTonight3:391402007Dance 2000s
Eddie MoneyI'll Get By3:32140.11985Rock 1980s
Ella FitzgeraldMack the Knife4:431401978Jazz
Elton JohnHeartache All Over the World4:031411987Rock 1980s
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPump It Up3:16139.91979Rock 1970s
Elvis PresleyLittle Sister2:31139.81961Rock 1960s
Elvis PresleyViva Las Vegas2:20140.81964Rock 1960s
EmjayFlying to the Moon3:54139.31996Dance 1990s
Eric ClaptonFurther On Up The Road4:28140.51980TBD
Ernie MarescaThe Spirit of Woodstock2:261391970Rock 1950s
EurythmicsWhen Tomorrow Comes4:17139.31985Rock 1980s
Faber DriveGive Him Up3:361402010CHR
Faber DriveWhen I'm With You3:411402008CHR
Faber DriveYou And I Tonight3:401402010CHR
Fatboy SlimBecause We Can3:271402001Rock 2000s
Festival ItalianoAnniversary Song2:26140.11993Special
Festival ItalianoConsentina Waltzes2:56140.81993Special
FeyMuevelo - Move It [Remix]4:111391998Latin
Fine Young CannibalsDon't Look Back3:39139.11988Rock 1980s
Flight Of The ConchordsRobots3:431402008Rock 2000s
Flight Of The ConchordsToo Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)2:281402009Rock 2000s
Flip & FillShooting Star4:21139.72003Dance 2000s
Flip & FillFree Your Soul6:22139.91999Dance 1990s
Flip & FillTrue Love Never Dies [Main Mix]2:55140.31999Dance 1990s
Foo FightersWalk4:151402011Rock
Fountains of WayneIt Must Be Summer3:19139.91999Rock 1990s
Fountains of WayneLost In Space2:19140.11999Rock 1990s
Fourteen 14Don't Leave Me3:00139.51994Dance 1990s
FragmaEmbrace Me [Wippenberg Remix]3:571402007Dance 2000s
FragmaJust Like a Teardrop4:071402007Dance 2000s
Frank SinatraLuck Be A Lady5:14140.11963Easy
Fun FactoryTake Your Chance3:53140.31995Dance 1990s
Fun FactoryTake Your Chance3:56140.31996TBD
FunkforsaleOcean Games3:401392001Easy
FutureSame Damn Time4:211392012Urban
GarbageWhen I Grow Up3:23139.71998Rock 1990s
GarbageWhen I Grow Up3:22139.71999TBD
George DucasHello Cruel World3:271391995Country
George Papadakos Bouzouki Party PakZorba [Euro Mix]4:27139.11996Dance 1990s
Gioacchino RossiniWilliam Tell Overture [Academy of St. Martin In the Fields]11:17140.41988Easy
Gladys Knight and The PipsNeither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)4:21140.61973Rock 1970s
Glass TigerIt's Love U Feel5:321391988Rock 1980s
Glee CastGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen3:091392011Easy
Glee CastDon't Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl2:261402010Easy
GomezBring It On3:58139.31999TBD
Goo Goo DollsStay With You3:54139.92006Rock
Gord BamfordI Would for You3:191402006Country
Gord BamfordLittle Guy3:391402009Country
Gordon Downie & The Country of MiraclesThe East Wind4:28140.22010Rock
Great Big SeaMari-Mac2:30139.61997Country
Great Big SeaThe Night Pat Murphy Died3:04140.11997Rock 1990s
Groove CoverageShe [Skam Mix]5:53139.92005Dance 2000s
Groove Coverage7 Years And 50 Days [Casacada vs. Plasmatek Remix]5:531402004Dance 2000s
Groove CoverageBecause I Love You [Club Mix]5:191402008Dance 2000s
Guns N' RosesPretty Tied Up4:47139.11991Rock 1980s
Guns N' Roses14 Years4:21139.41991Rock 1980s
Guns N' RosesSo Fine4:06139.91991Rock 1980s
Guns N' RosesOut Ta Get Me4:23140.91987Rock 1980s
HaiduciiMa-A-Hii (Dragostea Din Tei) [Gabry Ponte Radio Version]3:411402004Dance 2000s
HaifaUnbreak My Heart [Kenny Hayes Remix]2:58139.72003Dance 2000s
HansonI Will Come to You4:05139.81997Slow Dance
Harry NilssonCoconut3:451391972Slow
HeartHow Can I Refuse [Live]5:041401991Rock 1980s
HedleyDying To Live Again4:041392009CHR
HeliotropicAlive6:33139.91999Dance 1990s
Hilary DuffJingle Bell Rock2:471412004XMAS
HinderBetter Than Me3:41140.42007Rock
HoleGold Dust Woman4:031401996Alternative
Honeymoon SuiteHeart on Fire2:32139.41984Rock 1980s
Honeymoon SuiteLong Way Back4:36139.81988Rock 1980s
Hot Hot HeatMiddle of Nowhere4:00139.22005Rock
Huey Lewis & The NewsHip to Be Square4:02140.91985Rock 1980s
Ian Van DahlTry3:46139.72003Dance 2000s
Ian Van DahlCastles in the Sky4:141402001Dance 2000s
Ian Van DahlCastles in the Sky4:361402000Dance 2000s
Ian Van Dahl Featuring MarshaCastles in the Sky [Extended]4:51139.91999Dance 1990s
Ibrahim FerrerMami Me Gusto5:03139.41999Easy
ICE MCGive Me the Light [Club Mix]5:20140.31996Fast Dance
iiORunaway [Ford Remix Radio Edit]3:591402005Dance 2000s
Intonation Featuring JoeeFeel It in the Air3:40139.51996Dance 1990s
IyazReplay [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]3:441402010Dance 2010s
Jack WagnerAll I Need3:25139.91985Slow
Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops2:42139.21959Rock 1950s
Jamaster ABells of Tiananmen [Jamaster A Radio Mix]4:151402005Dance 2000s
Jason Mewes & Ben AffleckHolden on Affleck0:281402001Spoken
Jay-Z & Kanye WestN*****s in Paris3:38140.12011Urban
Jay-Z Featuring Mr HudsonYoung Forever4:14140.22010Urban
JazmineMakes Me Go (mmm) [2004 Mix]3:091402004Dance 2000s
Jeckyll & HydeFreefall3:241402007Dance 2000s
Jennifer RushThe Power of Love5:44139.41986Slow
Jesus JonesMagazine2:46139.81994Rock 1990s
Jimi HendrixHighway Chile3:311401972Rock 1970s
Jimmy BuffettCheeseburger in Paradise2:49139.41978Rock 1970s
JLSEverybody In Love3:151402010CHR
Joe CockerWith a Little Help From My Friends5:02139.61968Rock 1960s
Joe Cocker & Jennifer WarnesUp Where We Belong3:54140.61982Slow
JoeeQuestion of Time [Extended Version]4:471402004Dance 2000s
Joey BeltramTime Warp2:251401993Dance 1990s
John CarpenterTheme From Halloween1:021391993Special
John CarpenterHalloween2:22139.92000Special
John WilliamsFalla: El Sombrero De Tres Picos: the Miller's Dance (Farruca)2:211411990Easy
Johnny ShakerPearl River6:42140.11999Dance 1990s
JooseIf Tomorrow Never Comes4:00139.91997Slow Dance
Joy KitikontiJoyenergizer6:07140.12002Dance 2000s
Jupiter RisingElectropop [LP Edit]3:491402007Dance 2000s
Jurgen VriesThe Theme3:46139.72003Dance 2000s
Justin BieberAs Long As You Love Me3:46139.82012CHR
Justin Bieber Featuring Rascal FlattsThat Should Be Me3:481402011CHR
Kanye West & Jay-ZH.A.M.4:351402011Urban
Kanye West Featuring Big SeanMercy5:251402012Urban
KarajaShe Moves (La La La) [Kenny Hayes Remix]3:41139.62003Dance 2000s
Kate RyanDesenchantee5:13139.12003Dance 2000s
Kathy MatteaEighteen Wheels & Dozen Roses3:21139.12005Country
Kellie CoffeyWhen You Lie Next to Me3:57139.92003Country
Kelly ClarksonBecause of You3:381402005CHR
Kelly ClarksonBefore Your Love3:571402002TBD
Kelly LlorennaTell It to My Heart4:10139.72003Dance 2000s
Kelly Rowland Featuring Lil WayneMotivation4:001412011Urban
Ken MunshawSun Comes Up4:00139.81995Fast Country
Kenny ChesneyAll I Need to Know3:09139.81995Slow Country
Kenny ChesneyOut Last Night3:141412009Country
Kenny GSanta Claus Is Coming to Town3:49139.61999XMAS
Kenny LogginsThe Real Thing5:371401990Rock 1980s
Kenyon HopkinsHard Latin2:10140.82002Jazz
Kids ChorusThis Old Man (Knick-Knack Paddy Wack)3:021402012Kids
Kim MitchellLost Lovers Found5:08139.71989Rock 1980s
King Brain Presents: Tube & Berger Featuring Chrissie HyndeStraight Ahead [Extended Version]6:021402004Dance 2000s
Kings of LeonUse Somebody3:51140.42009Rock
KlymaxxI Miss You5:30139.81985Slow
KornWord Up [Dr.Octavo Metatron Mixshow Edit]5:051402004Dance 2000s
Kurt EllingCool Yule3:28139.31997XMAS
Kylie MinogueRed Blooded Woman4:181392004CHR
Lady AntebellumLove Don't Live Here3:501402008Country
Lady AntebellumDancin' Away With My Heart3:501412012Country
Lady GaGaApplause3:321402013Dance 2010s
LasgoAlone [Peter Luts Remix]7:501402002Dance 2000s
LasgoI Wonder [Peter Luts Remix]6:541402003Dance 2000s
LasgoSomething [Radio Edit]3:411402001TBD
LasgoSomething [Peter Luts Remix]7:401402002Dance 2000s
LasgoSurrender [Pulsedriver Remix]6:521402004Dance 2000s
LasgoSurrender [Radio Edit]3:051402005Dance 2000s
Latanya Featuring TwistaWhat U On4:421401998Dance 1990s
LaurenDreamboy [Pez Tellet Mix]6:351402004Dance 2000s
Leona LewisBetter In Time [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]4:131402008Dance 2000s
LifehouseYou & Me3:11139.92005AC
Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz Featuring Usher & LudacrisLovers & Friends4:201402005CHR
Linkin ParkBleed It Out2:441402007Rock
Lionel RichieTruly3:211391982Slow
Little TexasKick a Little3:43140.91994Country
Living ProofHands Up in the Air [Trinity Mix]6:30139.41996Fast Dance
Liz MeyerAll I Want [Club Mix Short]3:341412008Dance 2000s
LMC vs. U2Take Me to the Clouds Above [Audiolush Remix]6:161402004Dance 2000s
Loreena McKennittThe Bonny Swans4:56140.41994Easy
Lost WitnessRed Sun Rising7:05139.21999Dance 1990s
Lost WitnessDid I Dream (Song to the Siren) [DJ Tiesto Remix]3:39139.82003Dance 2000s
Lost WitnessHome [Sosumi Mix]5:171402005Dance 2000s
Love to Infinity Featuring Charlotte DayFinally [Classic Club Mix]6:331402007Dance 2000s
LovechildGloria7:141401999Dance 1990s
LudacrisWhat's Your Fantasy4:051402001TBD
LudacrisWhat's Your Fantasy4:001402001Dance 2000s
M3Bailamos9:38139.81999Dance 1990s
Machine Gun KellyWild Boy3:541402012Urban
MadelyneBeautiful Child [Hiver & Hammer Mix]8:141402003Dance 2000s
MadonnaDrowned World - Substitute For Love5:09139.71998Dance 1990s
MadonnaShanti - Ashtangi4:29139.81998Dance 1990s
MadonnaSubstitute for Love-Drowned World5:12139.91998Dance 1990s
MadonnaSky Fits Heaven4:481401998Dance 1990s
Marc AurelRunning [DuMonde Remix]7:481392002Dance 2000s
Marc et ClaudeNe6:40139.81999Dance 1990s
Marc et ClaudeI Need Your Lovin' (Like the Sunshine)5:05140.72001Dance 2000s
Mariah CareyOpen Arms3:26139.11995Slow Dance
Mariah CareyWe Belong Together3:181402005Urban
Mariah CareyOh Santa! [Jump Smokers Radio]3:52140.52010Dance 2000s
Mark Adams AllisonVoices Carry [Radio Edit]3:501402007Dance 2000s
Markus GardewegAll I Want [Fast Club Mix]6:541402003Dance 2000s
Marques HoustonSex Wit You4:381402006Rock
Mary Chapin CarpenterPassionate Kisses3:20139.61993Country
Mary GriffinKnock on Wood3:421411998Dance 1990s
Matt Darey Presents Mash UpLiberation (Temptation-Fly Like an Angel)7:331401999Dance 1990s
Matt Schwartz Presents SholanCan You Feel (What I'm Going Thru) [Thrillseekers Mix]3:25139.92003Dance 2000s
Mauro PicottoKomodo (Save a Soul) [Megavoices Claxixx Mix]5:05139.22001Dance 2000s
Me & MyDub I Dub3:091391997Dance 1990s
Meek Mill Featuring Rick RossTupac Back3:301402011Urban
MegadethPeace Sells4:021411986TBD
Melanie BenderYou Just Want Sex '964:02140.11996Dance 1990s
Melanie FlashHalfway to Heaven [Mixshow]3:351402006Dance 2000s
Men at WorkOverkill3:43139.51983Rock 1980s
Merle HaggardOkie From Muskogee2:421411972Country
Meryl Streep & Amanda SeyfriedSlipping Through My Fingers3:50140.92008Disco
MetricGimme Sympathy2:431392009Rock
Metro StationSeventeen Forever2:531402009CHR
Michael BoltonHow Am I Supposed to Live Without You4:49140.11989Slow
Michael BubleMoondance4:14140.12003Easy
Michael Splint Featuring SasjaSecrets (Broke My Heart) [Radio Extended Mix]4:241402007Dance 2000s
Mike + The MechanicsMy Crime of Passion4:551411991Rock 1990s
Mike Jones Featuring T-Pain & Lil Wayne & TwistaCuddy Buddy4:411402008Urban
Miles DavisAll Blues11:35139.91959Easy
Miley CyrusSee You Again3:081392008CHR
Miley CyrusSee You Again [Johnny Coppola Radio Edit]3:141392008Dance 2000s
Miley CyrusThe Climb [Smash Mode Custom Taylor'd Radio Edit]5:031402009Dance 2000s
Milk Inc.Blackout3:321392010Dance 2010s
Milk Inc.The Sun Always Shines on Tv [Full Version]4:351392007Dance 2000s
Milk Inc.Forever3:181402009Dance 2000s
Milk Inc.Sunrise [Extended]4:471402007Dance 2000s
MintyI Wanna Be Free3:27139.91999TBD
MolellaIf You Wanna Party3:551411996Dance 1990s
Monster TruckRighteous Smoke2:57139.92012Rock
Motley CrueGirls, Girls, Girls4:27140.21987TBD
MotorheadThe Hammer2:46139.81980Rock 1980s
MotorheadAce of Spades2:48140.41980Rock 1980s
MountainMississippi Queen2:32139.71973Rock 1970s
MountainMississippi Queen2:30139.81970Rock 1970s
Murphy Brown Featuring LorraineJust Can't Get Enough [Alex Megane vs. Marc Van Damme Remix]5:461402006Dance 2000s
MYPDYou're Not Alone [Dan Winter Remix]5:111402008Dance 2000s
N-TranceForever4:04139.72003Dance 2000s
N-TranceSet You Free 2002 [Rob Searle Remix]7:37139.92002Dance 2000s
N-TranceSet You Free3:18139.91994Dance 1990s
N-TranceForever2:581402003Dance 2000s
NadiaFree Free4:46140.31997Dance 1990s
Natalie PowersFor Your Eyes Only5:041402007Dance 2000s
Navy BlueFame3:071392007Dance 2000s
Navy BlueWhat a Feeling [Piano Edit]3:411402004Dance 2000s
Ne-Yo Featuring Fabolous & Jamie FoxxShe Got Her Own4:36139.62009Urban
Ned's Atomic DustbinSaturday Night3:08140.91993Rock 1990s
Neil DiamondBrother Love's Traveling Salvation Show [Live]5:021392001Easy
NeroPromises [Skrillex & Nero Remix]4:251402012Dance 2000s
NetzwerkMemories4:58139.11997Dance 1990s
New GenerationUpside Down [Club Mix]3:051392007Dance 2000s
NittyHey Bitty2:49139.92005CHR
NovaspaceSo Lonely [Dan Winter Remix]5:091402007Dance 2000s
O.R.G.A.N.To the World6:161401998Dance 1990s
OceanLabSatellite [Original Above & Beyond Mix]7:271402004Dance 2000s
OceanLabSatellite [Radio Edit]3:131402004Dance 2000s
Ole van DanskHow I Wish [Club Mix]5:551402004Dance 2000s
OneRepublicFeel Again3:031402012CHR
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkTesla Girls3:33140.41988Dance 1980s
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkTelegraph3:43140.51983Dance 1980s
Orion Too Featuring CaitlinHope And Wait [Extended Mix]5:211402007Dance 2000s
OutatimeLast Night a DJ Saved My Life [Dan Winter Extended Mix]5:141402007Dance 2000s
Outta ControlSinful Wishes [Rachid's Darkside Radio]4:201391997Fast Dance
Oxygen Featuring Andrea BrittonAm I on Your Mind? [Ian Van Dahl Mix]6:081402003Dance 2000s
PaffendorfBe Cool3:55139.82003Dance 2000s
Papa RoachStill Swingin3:151392012Rock
Pat BenatarPainted Desert5:26139.21984Rock 1980s
Paul AnkaMy Way5:28139.32007TBD
Paul Masterson Presents SushiEarthshaker3:39139.62003Dance 2000s
Paul McCartneyHey Jude [Live]8:38139.21990Rock 1990s
Paul OakenfoldJack's Suite [Radio Edit]3:391402007TBD
Paul van DykAnother Way7:151401999Dance 1990s
Paul van Dyk Featuring Hemstock & JenningsNothing but You [Vandit Club Mix]7:13139.42003Dance 2000s
Paul van Dyk Featuring Vega 4Time of Our Lives [PVD's Club Mix]7:391392003Dance 2000s
Paul van Dyk Featuring Wayne JacksonThe Other Side [Original Mix]8:501402005Dance 2000s
Paula ColeThrowing Stones3:46139.61995Rock 1990s
Paula DeAnda Featuring Baby BashDoing Too Much4:051412006CHR
Payola$I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)3:40140.41985Rock 1980s
Pearl JamLast Exit2:54139.11994Rock 1990s
Pearl JamSatan's Bed3:30139.61994Rock 1990s
Pearl JamGo3:131401993Rock 1990s
Pearl JamDo the Evolution3:54140.61998Rock 1990s
Pet Shop BoysFootsteps4:16139.91999Dance 1990s
Pet Shop BoysThe Only One4:21139.91999Dance 1990s
Phil CollinsWear My Hat4:44139.71996Rock 1990s
Phil CollinsI Don't Care Anymore5:05140.41982Rock 1980s
Phil VassarThe Last Day of My Life3:531402006Country
PinkWho Knew3:271402006CHR
PinkU + Ur Hand3:321412006CHR
Planet PerfectoBullet in a Gun7:071401999Dance 1990s
Pleasure P.Boyfriend #23:301402009Urban
PlutoPaste3:43139.91996Rock 1990s
PoisonEvery Rose Has It's Thorn4:19140.11988Slow
PPKResurrection [Space Club Mix]8:011402002Dance 2000s
Prezioso Feat. MarvinLe Louvre [Extended Mix]5:471402005Dance 2000s
Priscilla RenaeDollhouse3:311402009CHR
Progress Presents The Boy WundaEverybody3:42139.52001Dance 2000s
Project DHow Am I Supposed to Live Without You [Synth Version]4:50139.91991Easy
ProlapseTwilight Ozone3:581401998Dance 1990s
Prophet BenjaminPretty Boy4:491402007Reggae
QueenWe Will Rock You2:00140.71977Rock 1970s
QueensrycheSilent Lucidity5:47140.41990Rock 1980s
R. Kelly with UsherSame Girl4:111402007Urban
RaffiOver in the Meadow2:18139.91980Kids
Ralph FridgeAngel3:061402000TBD
Rascal FlattsSkin (Sarabeth)4:19139.52005Country
Rascal FlattsI Melt3:55140.42003Country
Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground3:21140.21989Rock 1980s
Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground3:21140.31989Rock 1980s
Red RiderHuman Race2:59139.81987Rock 1980s
Red RiderWhat Have You Got to Do3:18140.91987Rock 1980s
Rick McGhieMasochism Tango [Live]2:43139.71997Easy
Rick RossBlowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)4:131402010Urban
Rick Ross Featuring Nicki MinajYou The Boss4:371412011Urban
Rihanna Featuring SlashRockstar 1013:581402010CHR
Rob FabrieMake Some Noise [Original Mix]7:211402002Dance 2000s
Rob ThomasThis Is How a Heart Breaks3:241402005CHR
Robin ThickeAll Tied Up3:501402012Urban
Robin Thicke Featuring Lil WaynePretty Lil' Heart3:33139.92012Urban
Roby RossiniTanz Bambolina [Prezioso & Marvin Radio Edit]4:291402004Dance 2000s
Robyn HayleCan't Take My Eyes Off You [Dr. Octavo Heaven Radio Edit]3:461402009Dance 2000s
RoccoI Don't Know [Tune Up! Remix]5:451402005Dance 2000s
RoccoI Don't Know [Radio Edit]3:431402005Dance 2000s
Ron FreshmanSpanish Cafe5:20140.12005Easy
Rum & CokeSanctuary3:491402006Dance 2000s
Rupert HolmesEscape (The Pina Colada Song)4:37139.31979Rock 1970s
RushSubdivisions [Live]5:22139.61989Rock 1980s
RushAnthem4:24139.81990Rock 1970s
RushFinding My Way5:07139.91974Rock 1970s
RushCeiling Unlimited5:281402002Rock 2000s
RushFreeze (Part Iv of 'Fear')6:211402002Rock 2000s
RushHow It Is4:051402002Rock 2000s
RushNocturne4:491402002Rock 2000s
RushMission [Live]5:47140.71989Rock 1980s
Ryan MalcolmSomething More4:05140.12003TBD
S Club 7Have You Ever3:191402002TBD
SabrinaRockawille4:14139.41994Dance 1990s
Sam ButeraThe Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Fever5:57139.71996Easy
Sam the Sham & The PharaohsWooly Bully2:19139.81965Rock 1960s
SamiraWhen I Look Into Your Eyes5:00139.91994Dance 1990s
Sarah HarmerDon't Get Your Back Up3:53139.72001Easy
Sarah McLachlanI Will Remember You4:501401995Slow
Sarah McLachlanI Will Remember You4:551401997Easy
Sash!Together Again3:501402000Dance 2000s
Savvas PaphitiDipsis2:521411994Easy
Sawyer BrownSome Girls Do3:141401992Country
Scarf!Odysee [Plazmatek Extended Mix]6:391402005Dance 2000s
ScooterNessaja4:02139.42003Dance 2000s
ScooterThe Logical Song3:48139.72003Dance 2000s
Scott WeilandLady, Your Roof Brings Me Down5:23139.31997Fast Rock
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Chove Chuva3:15140.52002Jazz
Shankar Ehsaan LoyHeartbeat [Instrumental]4:21140.52003Special
Shawty LoDey Know3:161402008Urban
Sheryl Crow & StingAlways on Your Side4:10140.22006AC
Shiny Toy GunsRocketship 20103:131402010Dance 2010s
SilverblueHere in My Heart [12'' Vocal Mix]5:321402003Dance 2000s
SilverblueStep Back [Vocal 12'' Mix]5:221402002Dance 2000s
Silversun PickupsSubstitution4:391402010Rock
Simon HarrisBass (How Low Can You Go)3:48139.61996Dance 1990s
Simple PlanAddicted3:52139.52003TBD
Skrillex Featuring Damian MarleyMake it Bun Dem3:101402012Dance 2000s
SloanAll Used Up2:471402005Rock
Small Town PistolsLiving On The Outside4:05139.92013Country
Snap!The Power [Club Mix]7:301402004Dance 2000s
Snap! vs. PlaythingDo You See the Light [Remix 2002]4:20139.72003Dance 2000s
Soda Club Featuring Hannah AletheaTake My Breath Away [Flip & Fill Remix]5:481402007Dance 2000s
Solid SolutionHeaven Is a Place on Earth3:36139.62003Dance 2000s
SoniqueIt Feels So Good [Conductor & The Cowboy's Amnesia Mix]4:561392000Dance 2000s
SoniqueSky4:26140.72000Dance 2000s
Soulja BoyCrank That (Soulja Boy)3:421402007Urban
Soulja BoyCrank That (Soulja Boy) [Robots To Mars Remix]4:221402007Dance 2000s
SoundgardenBlow Up the Outside World4:51139.91996Alternative
Special D.Come With Me [Single Edit]3:091402004Dance 2000s
Spinal TapJazz Oddyssey I2:17139.92009Rock 2000s
Spinal TapGimme Some Money [2009 Version]2:33140.12009Rock 2000s
Spirit of the WestGoodbye Grace5:57140.41991Rock 1990s
Steps5, 6, 7, 83:221401998Dance 1990s
SteriogramWalkie Talkie Man2:131412004TBD
Stone SourAbsolute Zero3:501402012Rock
Stone SourSay You'll Haunt Me4:021402010Rock
StyxMiss America6:22139.31977Rock 1980s
Sub Focus Featuring Alex ClareEndorphines3:181402013Dance 2000s
SugarlandJust Might (Make Me Believe)4:01140.12006Country
SupertrampRudy7:19139.31987Rock 1980s
SwitchfootDare You to Move [Album Version]4:02140.12004Rock
SylverLove Is an Angel [Extended Mix]5:481392005Dance 2000s
SylverLove Is an Angel [Radio]3:191392005Dance 2000s
SylverLivin' My Life3:13139.42003Dance 2000s
System DriversRhythm Is a Dancer [Original Mix]5:401402003Dance 2000s
T. RoneHello Love [Clean Edit]3:401402013Urban
T2 Featuring Jodie AyshaHeartbroken2:591402008Dance 2000s
Taylor SwiftThe Story Of Us4:241402011CHR
Tenth PlanetGhosts [Vincent De Moor Remix]5:01140.21999Dance 1990s
The 2 Live CrewThe Pussy Caper5:351391992R&B 1990s
The Alan Parsons ProjectPyramania2:43139.21975Rock 1970s
The B-52'sDebbie3:32139.51998TBD
The Beach BoysGood Vibrations [Live]5:12140.11966Rock 1960s
The BeatlesBirthday2:411391968TBD
The BeatlesPlease Please Me2:03139.41966Rock 1960s
The Blues BrothersRubber Biscuit2:47140.91979Rock 1970s
The Boomtown RatsRat Trap4:51140.81978Rock 1970s
The BraveryTime Won't Let Me Go [Ultradonkey Remix Edit]4:181402007Dance 2000s
The BraveryAn Honest Mistake3:39140.12005Rock
The CultShe Sells Sanctuary4:12139.21985Rock 1980s
The CultShe Sells Sanctuary4:18139.31985Rock 1980s
The CureFriday I'm in Love [Acoustic]3:311401992Rock 1980s
The CureLovesong3:281401989Rock 1980s
The CureLovesong [Acoustic]3:301401989Rock 1980s
The CureIn Between Days [Acoustic]3:01140.12001Rock 1980s
The CureLovesong3:28140.31989Rock 1990s
The Dave Clark FiveI Like It Like That1:38140.91965Rock 1960s
The Dave Clark FiveDo You Love Me2:441411965Rock 1960s
The DeMillesCry and Be on your Way2:08139.81964Rock 1950s
The EaglesTake It Easy3:28139.31972Rock 1970s
The ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent You2:321391979TBD
The Escape ClubWild Wild West3:59140.41988Rock 1980s
The Evil Genius OrchestraYoda's Theme3:56139.92002Easy
The GandharvasElevator Bugs3:12139.11994Rock 1990s
The Kentucky HeadhuntersDumas Walker2:51139.61990Country
The KillersBones3:46139.52006Rock
The Lonely IslandWe Are a Crowd1:241402013Rock 2010s
The Manhattan Transfer Featuring Tony BennettThe Christmas Song4:40140.51992XMAS
The Matthew Good BandLoad Me Up3:41139.62000Rock 2000s
The MavericksDance the Night Away4:07140.91998Country
The MorrighanRemember (To the Millennium)4:05139.91999TBD
The MovementB.I.N.G.O.2:38140.11992Rock 1990s
The OddsHeterosexual Man3:26139.11993Rock 1990s
The OffspringTurning Into You3:401392013Rock
The Outhere BrothersDon't Stop [Techno We Go Mix]3:56139.21994Dance 1990s
The Outhere BrothersDon't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)4:21139.91994Dance 1990s
The Partridge FamilyAm I Losing You2:25139.51989Rock 1970s
The Partridge FamilySummer Days3:14140.31989Rock 1970s
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandBorn in Chicago3:05140.61965Rock 1970s
The Pfeifer Broz. OrchestraSex and the City Movie Theme0:50139.22008Rock 2000s
The PoguesIrish Rover3:38140.11987Special
The PoliceDon't Stand So Close to Me3:57140.71981Rock 1980s
The ProdigyThe Omen3:091402009Dance 2000s
The Real Booty BabesDerb '083:181402009Dance 2000s
The Rolling StonesLet's Spend the Night Together3:38139.71967TBD
The Rolling StonesShattered3:47139.81978TBD
The Rolling StonesAngie4:34140.11973TBD
The Rolling StonesContinental Drift [Live]0:261411991Rock 1970s
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraTorn4:30140.32004Classical
The Royal Society Featuring Nikki AwesomeYou Say (It Was Supposed To Be)3:38139.92008CHR
The ShirellesMama Said2:091411986Easy
The Shrink Featuring BrankoWhite World Bright World [Steve Murano Remix]6:501402004Dance 2000s
The Space BrothersThe Legacy (Show Me Love)8:18139.81999Dance 1990s
The Space BrothersHeaven Will Come3:05139.91999TBD
The StillsI'm With You3:221402009Rock
The StrokesHeart in a Cage3:26139.92006Rock
The SupremesI Hear A Symphony2:44140.11965Rock 1960s
The ThrillseekersDreaming of You [Svenson + Gielen Remix]3:53139.82003Dance 2000s
The Tragically HipFight5:59140.51991Rock 1990s
The VeronicasTake Me On The Floor3:291402009CHR
The White Tie AffairCandle (Sick And Tired)3:501392009CHR
The WhoAnyway, Anyhow, Anywhere2:39139.61965Rock 1970s
The Working TitleThe Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)3:571402006Rock
The X-EcutionersLike This3:221392003Rock 2000s
Thelma HoustonDon't Leave Me This Way3:14139.61976Rock 1980s
Thin LizzyThe Boys Are Back in Town4:26140.71983Rock 1980s
Three Days GraceWorld So Cold4:011402010Rock
Three DrivesGreece 2000 [G&M Project Mix]8:031412005Dance 2000s
Time SquadInvade My Soul4:451401995Dance 1990s
Tokio HotelReady, Set, Go!3:331402008Rock
Tom CochraneHuman Race3:48140.41989Rock 1980s
Tooga Featuring Pit BailayBehind Blue Eyes [Roland Kenzo's Radio Mix]3:351402006Dance 2000s
TopmodelzYour Love [Single Mix]3:071402007Dance 2000s
Toy-BoxBest Friend3:281391999TBD
TQBetter Days4:00139.91999R&B 1990s
Train50 Ways To Say Goodbye3:531402012CHR
TranceformaSelf Esteem [Extended Club Mix]6:121402006Dance 2000s
Trinidad JamesFemale$ Welcomed [Clean Edit]3:091402013Urban
Trinity-XForever [Flip & Fill Remix]6:381402003Dance 2000s
TriumphCarry on the Flame5:16140.71985Rock 1980s
TrooperMoment That It Takes3:21139.71979Rock 1970s
TrooperRaise a Little Hell3:41139.91979Rock 1970s
TrooperRaise a Little Hell3:411401978Rock 1970s
Twenty 4 SevenLeave Them Alone3:39140.21994Dance 1990s
Twisted SisterThe Kids Are Back3:171391983Rock 1980s
Twisted SisterShoot 'Em Down3:54140.51982Rock 1980s
Two Door Cinema ClubWhat You Know3:091392011Rock
U2Staring at the Sun4:36140.11997TBD
U2Staring at the Sun [New Mix]4:49140.22002Rock 1990s
U2Staring at the Sun4:36140.21997Rock 1990s
U2Staring at the Sun4:35140.51997Alternative
U2Indian Summer Sky4:17140.61984Rock 1990s
Ugly Kid JoePanhandlin' Prince5:41139.81992Rock 1990s
UltrabeatPretty Green Eyes [Extended Mix]6:52140.12004Dance 2000s
UltrasunWe Can Runaway [Radio Edit]3:46139.92004Dance 2000s
UltrasunWe Can Runaway6:591402004Dance 2000s
UnderworldBorn Slippy [Paul Oakenfold Remix]8:061401996Dance 2000s
UnderworldKing of Snake [Straight Mate Mix]3:511401999TBD
UnderworldPush Upstairs4:351401999TBD
UnderworldBorn Slippy [Nuxx Edit]4:20140.11996Fast Dance
UnderworldBorn Slippy9:44140.11996Rock 2000s
UnderworldPush Downstairs4:36140.11999Dance 2000s
Urban Cookie CollectiveWitness4:09140.71995Dance 1990s
Urge OverkillNite and Grey4:23139.51993Rock 1990s
Usher Featuring Beyonce & Lil WayneLove in This Club Part 25:091392008Urban
Usher Featuring Nicki MinajLil' Freak3:551402010CHR
Van HalenAin't Talkin' 'Bout Love3:45139.31975Rock 1970s
Van HalenPleasure Dome6:58139.81991Rock 1980s
Van HalenPanama3:32140.71984Rock 1980s
Van HalenGood Enough4:041411988Rock 1980s
Van MorrisonFull Force Gale3:15139.21990Rock 1980s
Van MorrisonIn the Garden5:46139.51990Rock 1980s
Van MorrisonHave I Told You Lately?4:20140.51996Easy
Vanessa WilliamsThe Sweetest Days3:331401996Easy
Vanessa WilliamsThe Sweetest Days3:321401994Slow
VengaboysParadise8:35139.81999Dance 1990s
VengaboysUp & Down6:41139.81998Dance 1990s
Vengaboys24 Hours6:391401999Dance 2000s
VengaboysAll Night Passion3:411401999Dance 2000s
VengaboysOverwhelm Yourself4:261401999Dance 2000s
VengaboysTo the Rhythm6:131401999Dance 2000s
VengaboysBoom Boom Boom Boom3:25140.11999Dance 1990s
Vilayat KhanThe Glory of God Is in You2:21140.91997Easy
Voodoo & SeranoThis Is Acid5:02139.92002Dance 2000s
Waka Flocka Flame Featuring DrakeRound Of Applause4:241402011Urban
Waka Flocka Flame Featuring Kebo GottiGrove St. Party4:091402011Urban
Wale Featuring Rick RossBag Of Money4:011402012Urban
Wang ChungDon't Let Go4:21140.71983Dance 1980s
WarLow Rider3:111391975Rock 1970s
White ZombieBlood, Milk And Sky [Miss September Mix]4:471401996Rock 1990s
Wiz KhalifaWork Hard, Play Hard3:341402012Urban
WynonnaI Want to Know What Love Is [Piper Radio Mix]3:59139.92004Dance 2000s
Wynton MarsalisFoggy Day7:36139.11987Jazz
X-CabsNeuro '9910:34140.11999Dance 1990s
XscapeWho Can I Run To3:30140.61995Slow
YC Featuring FutureRacks [Clean Version]4:141402011Urban
YesMontreux's Theme2:26139.11991Rock 1980s
YesEvery Little Thing5:42139.21969Rock 1980s
YesThen4:18139.51970Rock 1980s
YesYours Is No Disgrace9:41139.81971Rock 1980s
YesAlmost Like Love5:00140.71987Rock 1980s
YorkThe Awakening8:08139.71999Dance 1990s
YorkThe Awakening [Quake Radio Edit]3:34139.91999TBD
Young Jeezy Featuring 2 ChainzSupaFreak4:221402012Urban
YvonneEl Poder De Las Mujeres4:26139.81997Latin
Zero 7Everything Up (Zizou) [Joker & Ginz Remix]4:331402010Dance 2010s
Zero 7The Space Between6:011402004Jazz
Zombie NationKernkraft 4004:34139.12001Dance 2000s
Zombie NationKernkraft 400 [Chant Version]3:411402000Dance 2000s