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About MP3 XYZ

We will try and unpick the legendary MP3 file for you and show you why it is such an amazing and versatile format to work in.

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A file with the .mp3 file extension is one of the most commonly distributed audio files used today. MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file (about one-twelfth the size of the original file) while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played. MP3 provides near CD quality audio.

How to open an MP3 file

Right-click the MP3 file within File Explorer, choose Open With from the menu that appears, and then choose Choose Default Program to display the Open With dialog box. Make sure that the Use This App for All .MP3 Files check box is selected and then click the application with which you want to play your MP3 files

MP3 can compress a song by a factor of 10 or 12 and still retain something close to CD quality. So a 30-megabyte sound file from a CD reduces to 3 megabytes or so in MP3. When you download the MP3 file and play it, it sounds almost as good as the original file.

From iTunes

  1. Get your music into the iTunes Library. ...
  2. Connect the Mp3 player to the computer. ...
  3. Find the Mp3 player in iTunes. ...
  4. Drag-and-drop files from the Library to your Mp3 player. ...
  5. Eject your device. ...
  6. Wait for your Mp3 player to scan the new files.

RAW format is what we refer to as Lossless format because it preserves the file's original data. ... Images in GIF and JPEG formats are lossy, while PNG, BMP and Raw are lossless formats for images. Audio files in OGG, MP4 and MP3 are lossy formats, while files in ALAC, FLAC and WAV are all lossless.

Keep that quality up

Previously the only way to get "lossless" files was via the uncompressed CD formats CDA or WAV, but neither is as space-efficient as FLAC. ... While FLAC files are up to six times larger than an MP3, they are half the size of a CD, and can have the same boost in audio quality

Higher quality audio formats are

Audio codec formats
Ogg Vorbis.
AIFF. Originally created by Apple, Audio Interchange File Format, or AIFF, is an audio file that's completely uncompressed and can be played on both Macs and PCs.
DSD. DSD, or Direct Stream Digital, is an extremely high-resolution uncompressed audio format.