Goku Vs Deadpool Rap Battle Source Tournament Of Champions

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It's time for the epic conclusion to the Source Tournament of Champions! It's the undefeated mighty Saiyan warrior, Goku, going up against Marvel's baddest mercenary, Deadpool! Each competitor only has 1 1/2 verses to try and claim the title of Champion of Champions! Who is the greater warrior?! Who is the true fan favorite? And, more importantly, who's the better battle rapper?!

Vote for the winner and decide who's crowned King of the Tournament and Champion of Champions!

TOC RULES: Same beat Round 1, New Beat Round 2, Final Beat Round 3
-Only the TOC winner receives a win on their record
-Only one verse each
(TOC Losses will not count towards regular season battle records!)

Only one will rise up and continue on to battle for the title of champion of champions and the time has finally come to decide!

Team Source stand up!

Dbz Goku vs Marvel Deadpool

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