Katsuwatch Anniversary Edition Overwatch - No Mercy

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We teamed up with Dillon Goo to put together this special edition of Katsuwatch! It’s Overwatch… but with cats. You’re gonna love it even if you don’t want to

Produced by Tom Jenkins
Original Concept, Sound Design & Animated by DillonGoo
Edited and Music Curated by Laura Rankin
Music by TheLivingTombstone

Overwatch has been overtaken by cats and they’ve renamed it Katsuwatch! The feline counterparts get their own character introductions to the backing track of ‘No Mercy’ by The Living Tombstone (a small track you may not have heard of) so they can strut their paws.

Katsuwatch is an original concept by DillonGoo, with the above video edited by our own Laura Rankin to the instrumental version of No Mercy by The Living Tombstone. This follows our other popular Overwatch videos such as The Trial of Mei and Widowmaker Hates Tracer.

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