Lego Marvel Super Heroes Ps4 - All Spider Man Characters And Vehicles Dlc Included

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This video shows all of the playable Spider-Man characters/costumes as well as all of Spider-Man's Vehicles in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (including the DLC Super Pack). This video shows some open world free roam to showcase all of Spider-Man's vehicles and costumes. There are a total of 4 characters and 4 vehicles to choose from (1 aircraft vehicle and 3 land vehicles). Here are the times for each Spider-Man Character & Vehicle in this video:

00:03 - Spider-Man
00:16 - Spider-Man Symbiote (DLC Super Pack exclusive)
03:00 - Spider-Copter Flying Vehicle Showcase
05:14 - Spider-Cycle Vehicle Showcase
07:31 - Superior Spider-Man
07:41 - Spider-Man (Future Foundation)
12:04 - Spider Buggy Vehicle Showcase (DLC Super Pack exclusive)
14:03 - Spider-Trike Vehicle Showcase

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