Vegeta Vs Sasuke The Rap Battle Extended Remastered

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Unofficial Episode: Vegeta vs Sasuke Extended + Remastered

It's time to pick up where we left off last time and switch up the perspective! It's the mighty Saiyan Prince Vegeta vs The Rogue Ninja Sasuke! The two Anti-heros finally face off in a battle for supremacy in this installment of the Source Rap Battle Series. The Goku vs Naruto war is underway, and now it's time for Vegeta and Sasuke to step in the ring... this time the two have an extra verse to get their blows in! Which of the dark horse warriors is the true fan favorite? Who's thirst for vengeance runs deepest? And, most importantly, Who's the better battle rapper?!?

Vote for the winner & let me know which episodes from Season 1-3 you'd like to see re-done with some added heat!

(This special edition won't count towards the rappers battle records, its for bragging rights!)

Thanks & Enjoy!

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