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MP3 Tools

Our favorite tools for working with and manipulating MP3 files. From Logic Audio, through to Online web tools used for converting.

Useful Tools

Audio File Size Calculator : A simple Online tool to work out the size of files, and how much space your hard drives will save. Excellent tool if you with to get granular with your file systems.

File Conversion Tools

There are lots of Online tools for converting MP3 files, or other audio files. Unless you need software installed for converting thousands of files, you should get away with this for free. Audio Converter we have used and have had a lot of success.

If you wake our MP3 24 Bit example, then convert to a WAV file, the outcome is here. The file goes from 343 KB to 1.9 Mb as a WAV file.

But each time you convert there will be a loss / change in quality.